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Toy Stores and Hobby Shops in Toronto

What would we do without toys? They can keep our kids entertained for hours, spark thier imagination, develop thier brains and problem solving skills, keep them moving, and help them have fun! Whether you are after wood toys or digital toys, old-fashioned dolls, or cutting-edge robots, you can find them in one of the stores listed below.

Many independant Toy Stores in Toronto have wonderful staff members who can assist in selecting the ideal age-appropriate gift, from mobiles, plush stuffed animals and teething toys for infants to puzzles, building blocks and books for toddlers, to arts and crafts, robots, magic kits or construction toys for older kids.

Check out the toy warehouse outlets in Toronto for great prices and selection and don't forget that there are online toy stores that allow you to shop in the comfort of your living room.