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Children's Shoes in Toronto

Children seem to outgrow shoes at the speed of light, and if they don't outgrow them, they need a different pair for special occasions or camp. It seems we are always shopping for shoes and it is nice to visit stores that specifically focus on offering a selection and expertise targeted at kids. From traditional to funky and from school shoes to party ones, these children's shoe stores will make sure your children's feet are well shod! Make sure you check your children's shoes often to ensure they have not outgrown them. Small children can outgrow their shoes as often as every 2-3 months if they are going through a growth spurt. Here are some guidelines to use when checking to see if your child's shoes still fit.1. Leave 1/2inch of room in front of the toes. 2. Make sure the toe box isn't too tight; check when the child is standing.3. The child's heel shouldn't slip out of the shoe. 4. Make sure there is no pressure on the baby toe as this means the shoe is not wide enough.