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Daddy Blogger Contest

Monday Sep 3, 2012

Daddy Blogger
We all know about the mommy blogger phenomenon, but what about daddy bloggers? Stories, family shenanigans and other truths, told from a father's perspective, are just what the world needs more of.

These dads will go on and on, ranting about their kids, sharing what it's like to search at midnight at the drug store for the perfect elastics for their daughters' hair and telling us about teaching their sons to pee their names in the snow (let's face it, there are things dads can do that moms can't).

We went in search of the perfect daddy blogger for our site and we were so overwhelmed by the response that we have decided to narrow it down from our four favourites to your one favourite with a little help from you.

Each Thursday in September (starting this week), we will be posting a blog by one of the four finalists. If you like it, vote for it; if you like all of them, vote for all of them. Just make sure you vote!

Here are the blogs so you can vote on them:

1) Chris: I have a Secret - I Wasn't Ready for a Daughter

2) Robert: From 'Baby Beluga' to 'Call Me Maybe'

3) Mark: Minding My P's and Q's

4) Brett: It's Official, I'm Responsible

5) Andy: Dear Daddy Blog Reader

There are lots of really simple ways you can vote:

1)    Tweet something like the following: “My vote is for [NAME OF DADDY BLOGGER] in the @helpwevegotkids #dadbloggercontest” (make sure you @ us and don’t forget the hashtag)

2)    Re-tweet a tweet that voted for your fave blogger (again, @helpwevegotkids and hashtag it!).

3)    Write on our wall on Facebook who you want to vote for (@helpwevegotkids).

4)    Comment on the page on our site where the dad’s blog post is posted.

5)    Send an email to us to tell us that you want to vote for a certain daddy blogger.

You can do all of these things as many times as you want throughout the contest and we will wade through the votes at the end and find our winner. A huge parade and party will be thrown in his honour...well, not really, but our editor will send him a really nice congratulatory email, we're sure.

Image Credit: JodyDigger


Andy's got my vote...he's seems like quite a confused yet driven character.

2012-10-05 by Andre Levy

Andy, you are amazing.....I vote you as the father of the century....your article is incredible. Be well, love you, Sheila

2012-10-05 by Sheila Levy

My english is not good enough to understand everything in Andy's dynamic and tonic sentences, but definitely I appreciate the "style". Good luck

2012-10-06 by Léon Lévy Bencheton

Great article. Nice to Hear the dad in action. Sounds like you have it all under control.

2012-10-08 by Sivan

My English is good and I am thoroughly impressed. Hats off to all dads but hats off to Andy, not only a great dad but a great writer as well.

2012-10-09 by Angela

Hilarious and well-depicted! I vote Andy!

2012-10-11 by Chris

Great piece! My vote goes to Andy!

2012-10-16 by Mike

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