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Parenting Blogs

Jumping at Sky Zone Vaughan Trampoline Club

Kids Fly High at a New Trampoline Park

We're not sure why, but kids love to jump. Don't question it—just be thankful they're staying active! Sky Zone Vaughan is one of several trampoline parks in the GTA where your kids (and you) can jump to your heart's content.

How To Start an Exercise or Workout Routine That You Won't Quit

7 No-Fail Workout Tips for Busy Parents

We all know we should eat healthy and work out, but sticking to it can be tough for busy parents. Here are 7 no-fail tips from fitness and nutrition expert Garfield Watson on how to create an exercise routine that you can sustain.

How we lost our house at Christmas, but gained Christmas spirit

The Year without a Home: A Christmas Story

A year ago, Sarah Robertson and her family found themselves without a home at Christmastime. Now, a year later, she tells us how her family's hardship brought them closer together.

How To Keep Finding the Joy in Parenting

Overparenting: The No-Fun Way To Parent

Is overparenting taking the fun and creativity out of childhood—and out of being a parent?

Can't Agree on a Baby Name? Join the Club

Naming Your Baby Is Only the Most Important Decision Ever (No Pressure)

Naming a baby is no small matter. How months of disagreements and waiting until the last possible moment actually turned out to be the best (non-)decision ever.