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Parenting Blogs

Real Moms Don't Have Time for Mommy Wars

As Prince George Turns 1, So Do the Royal Mommy Wars

As Prince George turns 1 on July 22, Shannon weighs in on attacks on the royal couple's parenting skills—and explains what all moms have in common with Kate Middleton.

How To Survive Going Back To Work After Maternity Leave

6 Things I’ve Learned About Going Back to Work After Mat Leave

Easing back int the workplace after a year of maternity leave takes some adjustment and some precise skills. Shannon admits she hasn't quite learned out to do it all, but thanks to six things she's learned, at least she's maintaining her sanity...for now.

It’s My Party (and I'll Throw It If I Want To)!

It’s My Party (and I'll Throw It If I Want To)!

Deb has found the perfect way for busy moms to get the birthday they want—DIY!


Working Like a Mother

Emma Thompson says moms should take time off. Internet explodes. Shannon weighs in on why having it all sounds exhausting.

As they grow, kids give the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts.

Surprise, Mom!

One of the benefits of kids growing up: Deb's kids are starting to enjoy the process of gift-giving and surprising Mom!