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Practicing: How Much and How Often
by Julie Sousa January 15, 2016

Insights from a music teacher’s point of view on how much and how often kids should be practicing their instrument.... READ MORE

The Importance of Music Instruction for Children
by Lorne Lampert, B.F.A, B.Ed, C.D.O. (Chief Drumming Officer) September 12, 2013

Why should kids learn music as part of their early education? There are so many reasons and so many things that kids get out of music instruction. Lorne Lampert, Chief Drumming Officer at Mystic Drumz knows exactly why music is so important for kids. ... READ MORE

5 Ways To Make Piano Practice Fun
by Larra Skye April 1, 2012

The sound of a child playing piano is music to our ears. A not-so-sweet sound however is children complaining about having to practice. Here are some great ways to "gently" encourage your kids to practice without protest. ... READ MORE