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Combining Art and Science to Develop Great Thinkers
by Help We've Got Kids January 30, 2014

Encouraging our kids to think critically and confidently jump into experiencing the world with both feet and a big smile! ... READ MORE

Camp PEAK Elevates Our Kids to New Heights
by Help! We've Got Kids January 16, 2014

While we think our kids are the best, some days we think they could be...well, better. In fact, we know they can, and so does Camp PEAK.... READ MORE

Wise Parents Have Wise Kids Who Love Wise Adventures
by Help! We've Got Kids December 5, 2013

As much as we adore our kidlets, there are times when we just need a break from their constant queries, quandaries and quarrels. And since we can’t just leave them at home alone (and we would NEVER do that...right?!), we have to search out fun things for them to do and enjoy, at all ages and stages.... READ MORE

Throwing a Party Just Became...A Party!
by Help! We've Got Kids November 21, 2013

Finding an online business that provides what we need to throw a perfect kids party has us loving parties again (which makes our kids love us even more...if that's actually possible).... READ MORE

Disaster Prep? There’s An App For That!
by Help! We've Got Kids November 7, 2013

Are you prepared for a disaster situation? Not so sure? Well, there’s an app for that...and we’ve got all the details.

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