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No More Fear of the Dentist: Tips from a Paediatric Dentist
by Dr. Shonna Masse February 6, 2017

Is your child afraid of the dentist? Make the next dental visit pain-free with these great tips for easing kids' fears, from a paediatric dentist

Summer Safety Tips for Kids
by Sheri Helman May 31, 2016

We rounded up some great summer safety tips across a range of categories to review with the family.... READ MORE

Family Eye Care Tips with Infographic
by Amy Williams March 8, 2016

Your family's eye health is important. Check out this fun and informative infographic for eye care tips for the whole family.... READ MORE

An Open Discussion About Kids' Mental Health
by Caitlin McCormack January 27, 2016

January 27th is dedicated to promoting the open discussion of issues facing those with mental illness, and helping to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. ... READ MORE

Why Consider Chiropractic for Kids?
by Vince Pantano, DC, MEd September 25, 2015

A doctor of chiropractic explains how even healthy kids can benefit from chiropractic and outlines common childhood stressors that most parents don't realize kids experience, which can be treated through chiropractic care.... READ MORE

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