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5 Adventurous Family Activities Near Toronto
by Hilary Roth August 5, 2016

Is your family full of daring, risk-taking thrill-seekers? Here are our top picks for exciting activities near Toronto for adventurous families!... READ MORE

6 Indoor Fitness Classes for Kids in Toronto
by Hilary Roth July 12, 2016

Getting kids active when they’re young gives them a head start to a healthy lifestyle, so enroll your child in one of these cool exercise classes and show them how much fun fitness can be!... READ MORE

Where to Take Your Kids Swimming Outdoors in the GTA
by Caitlin McCormack July 4, 2016

All leisure swimming at Toronto’s outdoor pools is 100% free all summer long, so go ahead and dive right into one of these fun pools.... READ MORE

Summer Sports for Kids: Staying Active Over Summer Break
by Caitlin McCormack June 1, 2016

It’s important to keep kids moving during the summer months when gym class and recess are no longer in session. Try a summer sport to keep kids active and healthy.... READ MORE

Road Safety: Teaching Kids How to Bike in Toronto
by Hilary Roth May 10, 2016

Here are some tips to ensure you and your kids are ready to have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable time cycling in Toronto and the GTA.... READ MORE

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