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Protecting Your Family's Health in a Wireless World
by Frank Clegg April 18, 2013

New studies show reason to be concerned over the effects of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies. ... READ MORE

Teach Kids Digital Literacy
by Danielle Leonard February 28, 2012

One of the greatest benefits to digital technology is also one its biggest drawbacks – ability to learn autonomously. Today, any subject or area of interest can be accessed online with a few clicks. From algebra lessons to yo-yo tricks, the barriers to learning have collapsed thanks to digital technologies at our finger tips (literally).
Unfortunately for our children, the communities in which they are learning haven’t yet adapted to this new paradigm of instruction...... READ MORE

Staying Safe in a Cyber World - Protecting our Children Online
by Rob Nickel September 1, 2011

For over half of my 14 year career with the Ontario Provincial Police, I worked undercover dealing with the bad guys who try and harm or lure our children. I am still amazed and shocked at how most parents do very little to help keep their children safe in a wired world. ... READ MORE