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Best Back-To-School Jackets and Coats for Kids

Cool Fall Jackets for Kids Round-Up

Find out what's new in fall jackets for kids for 2015. The best of casual and stylish outerwear for girls and boys: motorcycle jackets, jean jackets, casual zip-ups and more! These ones will last you through spring....

What To Pack for Lunch When Your Kid Hates Sandwiches

7 Packed Lunch Ideas for Kids That Aren't Sandwiches

Tired of sandwiches? Or does your child claim to hate them? (Who hates sandwiches??) We've got some solutions: seven lunch ideas that you can pack for school that aren't the same old peanut butter—er...nut-free butter—and jelly!...

Double-Duty Cosmetics and Hair Products for Busy Lifestyles

Time-Saving (Double-Duty!) Beauty Products for Busy Moms

No time for the makeup and beauty routine you indulged in before kids? Try these double-duty and triple-duty products to get ready quickly in the morning....

A list of our top September events for kids in the GTA.

Toronto Fun With Kids September 2015

All the school-aged children are getting back into their normal classroom routines, but if they think that means there is no more fun to be had they will find themselves happily mistaken! Here are our top picks for kid-friendly events this September in the GTA. ...

Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids' Packed Lunches

Protein-Rich Snacks for School Lunches

So you've found the perfect Minecraft lunch-box that also meets the school requirements for a litterless lunch. Great job! But what are you going to put in it? These six protein-rich, packable snacks will keep kids going all day and keep them from getting hungry between meals....

Best Outrageous Foods at the 2015 Canadian National Exhibitions

New Must-Try Foods at the 2015 CNE

The Canadian National Exhibition has become known for its over-the-top food offerings each year, and 2015 does not disappoint! Here are 8 must-try options—including wacky takes on throwbacks to your childhood sure to delight the kids—plus 7 honourable mentions. Bring your appetite!...